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The new camera I got has a ton of features, many of which I have no idea how to use, because I don't really know how photography works. F-stop stands for aperture? Whuuut.

So I decided to try a weekly tutorial of sorts where I am going through the manual and using each section to play with my camera.

It has an "Aperture" setting. I am still confused. So I'm going to throw up some photos here with the settings and maybe come back to it next week.

f1.8 1/30 ISO 320                                                  f/11.0 1/8 ISO 3200

A larger aperture (1.8) will make the foreground things sharp and background fuzzy. Is there a mathy diagram that explains this?

f/4.9 0.5" ISO 3200                                              f/11 0.8" ISO 3200

A larger aperture will let more light in, but a smaller aperture gives you diffraction spikes around lights. Again, confused as the smaller aperture seemed to produce a more "starry" effect. Also, I was shuddering because I was cold and the photos are blurry.

And then one picture because despite being freezing cold, I wanted to stay out side and take night photos of the sky because I could. The old camera, not so much.

f/4.9 0.8" ISO3200
And why do some photo settings have inches and other have fractions?  ETA! I found out the fractions and "inches" are the shutter speed.  The shutter speed is shown as fractions from 2000 up to 3 (ie 1/2000 to 1/3), then switch over to decimals where the ' " ' indicates 'seconds'. So the shutter speed was different in all the photos and was adjusted automatically by the camera.


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