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Laying in bed this morning, I started to think about another dress to try, which got me out of bed early1.  I really like the fabric I found at Mill End2:

The fabric is a pretty thick brocade, which would work really well for the skirt on this lucluc skater dress, which is made out of a very thick polyester - it almost looks like a sports/performance/polypropylene fabric3.

I don't want a sleeveless chicken-wing dress, so I was thinking what I could do differently with the bodice.  A cheongsam top might look ok, and doesn't have the set-in sleeves that would cut into my shoulders, but I couldn't fit them together well in my mind, and making the sleeves longer à la the 40s dress I just tried didn't thrill me, either.  I looked at some of my dress idea images this morning, and liked the neckline on this one:

I think the neckline could work really well with that skirt. And I could probably change the sleeves if necessary. And I could possibly add the pockets on the curved waistline and delineate everything with some sort of contrasting trim 4.

Now I just need to draw this and croquis it!

1. Yay!
2. Which will, of course, probably be gone by the time I get there.
3. I also found it interesting that the red and black versions have a completely different waistlines.
4. The double bias tape on cheongsams?
motorharp: line drawing of kid with glasses intently reading (bookworm)
EvaDress is having a contest to sew something from their 40s collection of patterns. And I need nicer clothes for performing on the harp!  What a fortuitous coincidence.

The contest runs from April 16 to June 1 and you can post your project on the facebook page that's linked above.

I chose the pattern D40-3863, view 1. This dress style works well for playing harp because it doesn't have an armscye right at the shoulder, so there's nothing to bind when I'm reaching my arms forward.  Straight skirts don't work for sitting behind the harp, and this one looks to be A-line, and the wrap will probably give me even more room.  The higher neckline of view 1 seems to work better on me. And the long sleeves are good for hiding chicken wings. =P  Although, it looks like the sleeves could easily be left off, if desired.

I want to get an asian jacquard in either a black and gold combination to match my harp, or some sort of emerald green. Or some combination of the two.  I think it will suit that dress well.  However, I have no idea if that's something that will look good on stage.  Do any of you know anything about dressing for the stage?  Patterned fabric, yea or nay?

Then I thought some sort of embroidery would look lovely, even though I swore after my western shirt I would never do embroidery again, especially on black fabric.

I've already gone shopping for the jacquard, but my usual fabric store changed their line of asian jacquards: they all have religious symbols integrated into the patterns.  Um, just chrysanthemums for me, thanks.

Since I haven't even found the fabric yet, I have a feeling that I will be behind on this project. On top of that, my lack of facebooking means I won't be able to easily post my results, and possibly won't enter.  But I can still use the timeline!

Then in the midst of this planning, McCall came out with their latest Archive Collection patterns...

Droooool.  This would be a perfect dress, too.  I don't know when/if I'd ever need something quite that fancy, though.


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