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Can I write a end-of-year AND monthly summary in under a half an hour? I've already been online way too long this am.

Tried to get glasses. Made the mistake of going to Lenscrafters. I'm closer to figuring out what kind of glasses I really need, though.

Finished my Christmas letter on time. Finished all Christmas presents on time. It was so wonderful to make things for people this year.

Donated to MJFF - they are making great strides in finding a cure to Parkinson's.

Hamstring is continuing to heal.

Out of my control, but thoroughly enjoyed the two snow days we had. I made a conscious effort to enjoy them and did - not a usual thing for me. Work being closed for those days also helped to finish Xmas gifts.

Finished a pair of pants I may not be able to sit down in.

Got my pedal felts changed in prep for recording.
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Dark corduroy really doesn't photograph well, does it.

These are the finished corduroy pants.  I did some piecing of various parts, most notably in the back pocket (click to see bigger).  The front welt is a single piece and works much better this way.  I think next time I may raise the waist on these 1/2" - they don't quite look in proportion to me.

And wow, the camera really shows the wrinkly-ness of freshly laundered corduroy. I hope these aren't pants I have to iron.

Also, I forgot how stretchy corduroy is and these pants tend to expand over the day.
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I think I'll make another pair of Ruby pants, and use the remaining to make a skirt, specifically this one:

Simplicity 1690

View 3 (the red one), but make the tab welt things into actual pockets, since I need pockets in everything. And I already have buttons for it.  Also, the waistband is faced with grosgrain ribbon, which I haven't done before and I'm interested to see how that will work.
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If only I had bought 2.5 yds instead of 2.25 of the amazingly cheap 100% wool herringbone!  I could have made both the Ruby and Nichola pants as originally planned.  However, it's the type of fabric I originally wanted to make the EvaDress trousers from, and so I'm leaning towards making Ruby pants again, and plus I really really like the Ruby pants, but then I don't want to have 139,728 pairs of pants with buttons down the sides.  Urgh.
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Ruby shorts from Burda patterns
After going on vacation this summer and realizing I had basically one pair of shorts that worked, I put "shorts" in my list of things to sew.  These are made from old grey with white pinstripe wool pants that simply would not fit me no matter what I did. The pattern is #6005 from Burda called Ruby.  They are underlined with the original silk lining, in which I found the remnants of a cocoon which may be the source for whatever ate all my other wool pants1.

I used vintage shell buttons, and a couple buttons from some Land's End article of clothing I must have had at some point. I cannot imagine what that might have been.

The instructions were as bad as everyone says - I think the translator got confused between "right and wrong" and "right and left" when referring to the sides as well as "beginning" and "front". They came together just fine, though.  Except for the front welt pocket.  No matter which instructions I use, I can never get them perfectly rectangular or smooth.  Plus, it being so close to the waistband pulled it a bit out of shape.

Next up, since I had a couple shirts have minor failures and with that subtraction from my wardrobe finding I had nothing to wear, I'm going ahead and making two more ... pairs of pants, of course. I'm going to try making the pants from the Ruby shorts because other people have successfully made these into pants and I love buttons2.

1 My other wool pants don't fit me, either, which is probably why they were undisturbed enough to get consumed.
2 Apparently.  I looked at my ravelry page the other day and it's heavy on the designs featuring buttons. One might say lavish.
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Brrr! Back to the cold. This is why I was glad I frantically took pictures when it was sunny.  Well, sort of glad. These trousers really don't look like what I thought. Not quite as flattering, really. This is why I take photos - the camera doesn't lie.  Maybe I could have been tipped off by the overalls I made from the same pattern that also make me look short and wide - the pattern being EvaDress T30-1936 (which doesn't seem to be available anymore). However, they are comfy.

Tall, leggy models*

Non-tall, non-leggy model*

They are a lovely wool flannel from Mill End, and hey, guess what! Wool flannel stretches.  The other pants I made out of sturdy cotton twill were too short, so I added a couple inches to the hem this time, only to cut them right back off after the material stretched. I made the bound buttonholes this time and like them WAY better than machine made.

Do these classify as Oxford Bags?*

I also had to interface the waistband with fusible tailoring hair canvas in order to hold the weight of the pants + lining. Did I mention these are lined? Buttery soft hang-loose lining. So, like I said, comfy.

Oh, has anyone figured out how to get the $@#*^ ridge line of a tucked-in shirt to go away?

*Livejournal seems to not allow clicking on photos to embiggen anymore, so you can right click and choose "View Picture" and see a bigger version.


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