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The shoes have been put on hold while I waited for the book to come back to the library, so I switched to...

Making a swimsuit for a vacation that was also, however, put on hold while I waited for the fabric to be pre-washed, so I switched to...

Making things from my stash, which was what I had originally planned to do in January, but was sluggish and unmotivated at that time, which worked out ok because pattern review is having a stash-busting contest.  Based on the person who's already sewn 24 yards1, and the next who's sewn 14, I won't win, but whatevs.

So I've:
- gotten to the point where I'm going to finish the upper and wrap it around my last
- croquised my swimsuit and decided on a design
- made a beach cover-up
- finished the pinstriped dress
- re-fashioned a mohair sweater
- shortened another sweater
- made a headband
- made 3 t-shirts

I'm also working on getting some music I recorded about 7 or 8 years ago up on bandcamp. I need to make some sort of album artwork, and I think I'm close to being done with that.

1 Oh, pardon me, it's actually 36.
motorharp: line drawing of kid with glasses intently reading (bookworm)
I got the pinstriped dress cut out yesterday evening despite being fantastically tired. The world seemed to be populated by deceptively sane people who drained my brain's glucose to dangerously low levels.

I decided to use my muslin for underlining, as the fabric is a little bit more lightweight than I had first thought.  Then I'll line the skirt with either whatever I have in my stash or whatever I find on my fabric store run.

Also, I was inspired to start croquising a bathing suit from fabric that's been in my stash for probably close to 2 decades. I hope it still has all its elastic properties! I was doubly inspired after seeing this suit in To Catch A Thief.

Brigitte Auber

The fabric is blue with white polka dots, and has a nice piqué-like texture.

Not to scale


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