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The mid-90° weather is suppose to last through next Thursday, so I'm going to commit a list of things to do that don't require a lot of movement to lj, so that when I feel I'm too hot to do anything but sit at my computer and drool into my cereal bowl, I'll have an immediate reminder1:

- quarterly planning
- putting quarterly planning on calendar
- knitting (did quite a bit yesterday)
- hand sewing rolled hem on scarf
- take apart Chinese frogs to see how they're made
- shop for new camera, dangit

1 And keep the list around for the 2nd (currently), and, I'm assuming, 3rd and 4th heat waves.
motorharp: line drawing of kid with glasses intently reading (bookworm)
Brrr! Back to the cold. This is why I was glad I frantically took pictures when it was sunny.  Well, sort of glad. These trousers really don't look like what I thought. Not quite as flattering, really. This is why I take photos - the camera doesn't lie.  Maybe I could have been tipped off by the overalls I made from the same pattern that also make me look short and wide - the pattern being EvaDress T30-1936 (which doesn't seem to be available anymore). However, they are comfy.

Tall, leggy models*

Non-tall, non-leggy model*

They are a lovely wool flannel from Mill End, and hey, guess what! Wool flannel stretches.  The other pants I made out of sturdy cotton twill were too short, so I added a couple inches to the hem this time, only to cut them right back off after the material stretched. I made the bound buttonholes this time and like them WAY better than machine made.

Do these classify as Oxford Bags?*

I also had to interface the waistband with fusible tailoring hair canvas in order to hold the weight of the pants + lining. Did I mention these are lined? Buttery soft hang-loose lining. So, like I said, comfy.

Oh, has anyone figured out how to get the $@#*^ ridge line of a tucked-in shirt to go away?

*Livejournal seems to not allow clicking on photos to embiggen anymore, so you can right click and choose "View Picture" and see a bigger version.


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