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I was really skeptical of this show when first hearing about it. I thought, "Really, how far can they stretch this out? And with what?" The pilot didn't dissuade my hesitance, despite having Clancy Brown, Orlando Jones, and John Cho in it.  The next episodes didn't either, however I loved the chemistry between Ichabod and Abbie, not the mention the potential for a very fascinating backstory for Abbie, and the costumes were amazing, so I kept watching.  Then there was the exchange between Crane and the NorthStar operator which is worth repeated watchings and just worth it alone. I was officially hooked.

And the costumes!

The costume designer, Kristin M. Burke, runs a blog called frock talk1, and answers questions about the show. When she gets time, that is, because she's incredibly busy (yay!).

Ichabod's Revolutionary War regimental coat satisfies my need for buttons, and I just noticed there are some on his pants.

A quick pattern search for the 1700s turns up a few patterns that show these are really typical of the time.

I hope this is going to be a trend that starts showing up in RTW, because I love the look.  A surreptitious interpretation?:

Prada went back - not quite as far back as the Revolutionary War - for their Fall 2012 men's collections, which I loved. Maybe influenced more by Downton Abbey?

Yes, that is Gary Oldman. Willem Dafoe modeled also. *sigh*

I hope the modernizing old styles is a thing and continues.

I still don't know how Sleepy Hollow is going to keep the plot going, though, but I don't care, I just want more.

1 Her discussions of Beetlejuice so mirrored my own experience, which is a whole other story, and clearly we need to be best friends.
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The Murdoch Mysteries series originally started out life as books written by Maureen Jennings about a detective with the Toronto constabulary in the late 1890s.  It was then made into a TV mini-series, and finally into a regular series.  As with all book/TV/movie adaptations, they diverge into different directions. Jennings is still writing the books - she started the series in 1997, and the show is currently in it's 6th season.

As I said in my goodreads review, I like the book pretty well, and like the forensics aspect of the TV shows.  The best aspect, of course, for me, is all the period costumes and sets.  There are a few good behind-the scenes pictures in a slide show attached to this news article.

My absolute favorite is Inspector Brackenried played by Thomas Craig.  In talking about the details he designs into the clothing, costume designer Alex Reda says about Brackenreid's waistcoats that he doesn't necessarily have them fit perfectly. He makes them tight and some of them double breasted so the buttons tend to strain and he ends up looking more barrel-chested. He's really "average-sized and quite fit" and you can see the difference in the photos. It really suits his blustering character.

murdoch2Normal sized
Super sized!

I've also definitely seen bra lines and not corset lines on one of the characters, which I totally get because wearing a corset all day could be... wearing.  But I'm also annoyed that I notice things like that. And get annoyed about them.


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