31 Dec 2016

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Can I write a end-of-year AND monthly summary in under a half an hour? I've already been online way too long this am.

Tried to get glasses. Made the mistake of going to Lenscrafters. I'm closer to figuring out what kind of glasses I really need, though.

Finished my Christmas letter on time. Finished all Christmas presents on time. It was so wonderful to make things for people this year.

Donated to MJFF - they are making great strides in finding a cure to Parkinson's.

Hamstring is continuing to heal.

Out of my control, but thoroughly enjoyed the two snow days we had. I made a conscious effort to enjoy them and did - not a usual thing for me. Work being closed for those days also helped to finish Xmas gifts.

Finished a pair of pants I may not be able to sit down in.

Got my pedal felts changed in prep for recording.
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Amd the answer is "no, I can't write two posts in under 1/2 hour."

I saw SUUNS live and made a dork of myself at the merch table with one of the band members and bought vinyl. I can't stop listening to the SUUNS and Jerusalem In My Heart album. Speaking of vinyl, I got a cheap thrift store receiver and finally hooked up my sister's turntable. I blasted myself with old records and may have made my neighbor laugh while I belted out "Movin' Right Along" courtesy Kermit and Fozzie.

I worked on my album and got everything edited.

I went through a few weeks of My Harp Mastery and discovered "30 Days to Done", which helped my fine-tune my practice schedules.

I played a wedding outdoors on a campground at the coast and it was wonderful. I got to play some Battlestar Galactica music for it!

I read "Unbroken" (despite writing it in my Christmas letter as "Broken") by Laura Hillenbrand. It was terrifying and hopeful. And read by Edward Herrmann, RIP.

I really liked "Darker Shade of Magic" by V.E. Schwab. The coat that you can take off and fold and turn inside out to turn it into a different coat folded and turned my mind inside out.

Watching Jessica Jones, Grantchester, Luke Cage, and Westworld with friends has been a balm for my soul. I've also been watching the crap out of "The Mighty Boosh".

Seeing Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm was... wow, just wow. At the same theater, I saw Metropolis (1927) with live organ music.

My mom is recovering from her stroke. I trained for the next higher job classification. We did a TSD rally again. I made lost of socks.


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